The past year of navigating our lives around the pandemic has no doubt challenged us all. To ensure our safety and those of our loved ones, we’ve committed to lớn staying social at a distance. It’s no secret that it can get lonely & stressful. It doesn’t mean it can’t get better though. We believe a little mildness goes a long way.

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Caring for yourself with gentleness in all aspects of life can help a lot in not just uplifting your spirits but improving each area. Here’s how to vì chưng it.

Mildness on the outside

We’re all keeping a distance khổng lồ ensure everyone’s safety, but it’s no secret that even with the measures we take, it’s still a worrisome time. Bít tất tay can undoubtedly wreak havoc on your skin. Those with sensitive skin might find this even more challenging, with experiencingredness while under the sun and rushing to lớn get home quickly, as well as having suddenflare-ups due to lớn stress. We say it’s another reason lớn practice being mild to lớn yourself.


The ANESSA Perfect UV Mild Milk and Moisture UV Mild Gel protect the skin immensely but also gently.

Don’t let your sensitive skin become another reason to be stressed out when you head out forerrands – on vị trí cao nhất of worrying about the current health issue we’re all facing. Turn lớn the newly reformulated ANESSA UV Mild Range for not just nourishing protection but also ultra comfort.


ANESSA Perfect UV Mild Milk not only protects but also has skin-loving beauty benefits.

The ANESSA Perfect UV Mild Milk gives you SPF50+ PA++++ without stickiness. It has a smooth texture that glides on & gets instantly absorbed by the skin — plus, it doesn’t leave awhite cast và actually provides a natural glow khổng lồ the skin.It protects the skin from all types of UV rays in all directions while being incredibly comfortable lớn wear thanks to lớn its smoothPROTECTtechnology. This new formula also gives the skin a silk-like smooth finish. It has Aqua Booster EX that makes it sweat- & water-proof. It stays on evenwith your clothes or mask rubbing against it as well. Aside from giving the skin sun protection, it also improves skin texture thanks khổng lồ Peony Root extract and moisturises the skin with the help of super hyaluronic acid, an anti-inflammatory licorice-derived ingredient, và glycerin. It’s perfect for those with sensitive skin.


ANESSA Moisture UV Mild Gel is light as water but heavy on protection.

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Meanwhile, the ANESSA Moisture UV Mild Gel gives SPF35 PA+++ while moisturising theskin on your face và body. This water-based sunscreen gets absorbed easily and gives a clear finish & a subtleglow on the skin. You can use it as a makeup primer too. It’s also packed with Aqua BoosterEX that makes it resistant lớn sweat, water and rubbing. Despite this, it’s quite easy khổng lồ remove and wash off — just use your favourite cleanser or body toàn thân wash. It nourishes và improves the skin texture too, and is great for those with dry và sensitive skin.Both sunscreens are made without additives, fragrance, colourants, alcohol & parabens,making them great for your sensitive skin — và even babies’* skin.You’ll be happy to lớn know that you’re not protecting just your skin when you use these, you’realso being mild lớn the environment. The ANESSA Perfect UV Mild Milk comes in abioplastic-made bottle, which is made from raw material derived from sugarcane from Brazil.ANESSA, Japan’s no. 1 sunscreen brand for đôi mươi years, offers sunscreens in different formatsbased on different skin needs & types — all backed by Shiseido’s 100 years of research anddevelopment.

The ANESSA range contains the new và improved Triple Defense giải pháp công nghệ which actually helps khổng lồ strengthen the products’ UVprotection when it comes in tương tác with water, sweat or heat.


Get the ANESSA Perfect UV Mild Milk and ANESSA Moisture UV Mild Gel below.


(Left) Michal. (Right) Lara. Two members of our community đánh giá the Anessa Mild UV range.

Michal and Lara tóm tắt their fondness for the sunscreens’ texture và finish. As far as application goes, Michal particularly liked how the Perfect UV Mild Milk “helped lớn seal in the moisture” in her skin while giving her ample sun protection. Meanwhile, Lara likes that it has a smooth finish too.In their review, the two also shared how they liked how the Moisture UV Mild Gel gets absorbed quickly and its ability to “leave the skin feeling smooth & silky.” They both enjoyed that the sunscreens are fragrance-free too — perfect for sensitive skin.

Mildness on your mind

After taking care of what’s outside, turn to what’s inside. We may be used khổng lồ being critical of ourselves, especially in the midst of challenges. However, those are the moments when weactually need lớn be mild. Giving yourself positive affirmations can help to affect not just the way you think of yourself at the moment but also in the future.

Mildness inside your body

Nourish your body toàn thân with the help of things that you consume. Be mild with your hardworkingbody by prioritising healthy, nutritious food. You don’t need lớn shun your favourites, butperhaps substituting them with milder versions from time to time can help. Trade your sweetchocolate khổng lồ one that’s made with 60% cocoa or spare the spiked drinks for special occasions.We hope these remind you that a little mildness can go a long way.

*six months old & above