Can Tho

The humble đô thị of Can Tho rises high over the Mekong Delta, standing as the capital to a region of snaking rivers và luxuriant fruit gardens. The delta’s fertile soil & placid waterways that brought about Vietnam’s first settlers continues its magnetic pull today, attracting visitors with the promise of unbridled tropics và the distinctive culture that has developed along the banks of the Mekong River.

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About Us

15 Years Experience
Travel Responsible
Environment protection
Culture Preservation
Eco Accommodation EXPLORE


Can Tho is trang chủ to 12 thatched cottages spread over 2.7 tropical hectares on the banks of the cha Láng River. All 48 of our rooms represent the powerful call of nature across renewable building materials và 4-star amenities. These include a panoramic balcony và natural wooden bathtub, each delivered in a symphony of local bamboo, palm leaf & red brick.

Luxury bedding Private balcony Wooden bathtub Built from renewable materials Powered by green energy EXPLORE

Facilities và Services

Can Tho’s premier eco-accommodation stretches its luxury far beyond its rooms. A restaurant and bar offer dining & socialising options, while a spa, swimming pool, và jacuzzi pool provide opportunities to melt into tropical paradise.

A culinary haven of local Mekong food and wider Vietnamese classics, with western and other Asian dishes offering a cảm ứng of home.

Clean, glistening water lined with palm trees & sun loungers, faced by a long bar stocked with local and international favourites.

A journey for the senses & a home to traditional Mekong remedies, passed down from generations of local families.


The sweeping rainforest stretching from our front door simply begs to be explored. The prime location of Can Tho allows guests to delve directly into the Mekong’s woven worlds of verdant beauty & enchanting culture.

Cai Rang floating market is the first destination of the day for many of the Mekong Delta’s locals, who make their way lớn the Can Tho River to lớn buy produce, clothing, electronics và practically anything that can fit onto a boat. This tour heads out onto the river & explores the fascinating scene available here, before heading khổng lồ a nearby village khổng lồ learn of the processes that go into creating rice noodles – a staple of the Vietnamese diet.

All bicycles at Can Tho are of high unique and không tính tiền to use for all guests. We do this lớn get you closer to lớn nature of the Mekong Delta, which hugs its quaint paths as it does its meandering rivers.

The endless activity of Can Tho is fueled by its food - all grown, caught và picked from its outlying regions. Our cooking classes bring you one step closer lớn the culinary culture at the heart of the Mekong Delta.

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The lulling & experienced cảm ứng of our resident masseurs is enough to lớn melt bodies và minds. The spa is a haven of western và Asian remedies, including several specific to lớn Can Tho.

Take a hands-on approach khổng lồ local culture with our private workshops. These experiences work directly with local farmers, masseuses & handicraft artisans khổng lồ give you an authentic taste of delta life.

Special Offer

Get the most out of our green accommodation in the Mekong Delta with the following all-inclusive packages. Stay in luxury, eat local và explore Can Tho’s rolling nature over the course of 2 or 3 days with Can Tho

Latest News

Follow the development of Vietnam’s most eco-friendly accommodation with the Can Tho blog. Click on the articles below to track the progress of the and find useful advice about travelling through the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam’s floating markets are such chất lượng experiences that many of the tourists visiting them don’t really know what they’re in for. These are the ancient river markets of the Mekong Delta, located in the deep south of Vietnam where tradition & waterways cốt truyện a beautiful longevity, và where locals và vendors gather every morning on wooden boats to buy & sell goods. Over time, these markets have become wonderful snapshots of Mekong Delta life and are a great way for tourists to see how laidback everything is down south. So, how to act, what lớn do và what lớn bring to lớn Vietnam’s floating markets? Find out with our Vietnam floating market tips for visiting below.

Despite the many, many riches of the Mekong Delta, most visitors to lớn Vietnam tend khổng lồ breeze through their travels here without spending the time necessary to lớn fully understand its wonder. This is Vietnam’s most fertile and ancient land, spread across 13 provinces of unwavering natural beauty và with a stunning history running at the core. If you’re looking lớn get the most out of the magical region, you can follow this guide on how long khổng lồ spend in the Mekong Delta.

If you want to find a place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in order lớn enjoy the feeling of relaxation & harmony with nature, there is no place better than Can Tho, hidden in a southern suburb of Can Tho city. Can Tho enhances the romance of Vietnam and this is the reason that it, and Can Tho in general, is never absent from a danh sách of perfect honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia.

If you want to lớn find a place to stay away from the hustle & bustle of the city, in order khổng lồ enjoy the feeling of relaxation and harmony with nature, there is no place better than Can Tho, hidden in a southern suburb of Can Tho city. Can Tho enhances the romance of Vietnam & this is the reason that it, and Can Tho in general, is never absent from a list of perfect honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia.

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