Located in the spectacular Mai Chau Valley, Mai Chau Lodge offers the perfect basis khổng lồ travelers in search of stunning landscapes, encounters with ethnic minorities & absolute relaxation, combined with lovely food & a friendly service. For more active visitors, Mai Chau Lodge offers multiple outdoor activities ranging from biking & trekking lớn kayaking and rock climbing.

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Perfect family experience


Great hotel, right into the rice fields, only a 3-4 hour drive from Hanoi. Beautiful rooms and very welcoming staff. Very nice concept with smaller children, the khách sạn has miễn phí bikes for the guests, smaller children bikes available as well as seats on adult bikes for the smallest kids.

Cevast, at tripadvisor.com

Beautiful place with excellent service


Staying in Mai Chau Lodge twice, I have never been disappointed. The hotel is truly decent with comfortable room và beautiful lake of water lilies. The restaurant is a bit pricey, but the dishes are delicious.

Lyle129 · Tripadvisor.com

"Forget Sapa - Try Mai Chau"


Mai Chau Lodge was very comfortable for our stay and food in their restaurant was quite good. The location allowed us to walk & bike through local villages & rice fields while feeling lượt thích we were the only foreigners there.

Audrey N · Tripadvisor.com

Activities & Experiences

Mai Chau Lodge offers a full range of great activities to make your Mai Chau experience even more memorable.

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Rock Climbing

Climbing these exotic rock formations will surely be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip.


Walk through the green mountains and watch out for the fruit trees, hidden animals and wildlife.


Mai Chau Lodge is within 1 km of the ethnic villages of Lac, Poom Coong & Nhot. Located 27 km from the region’s sunday market, it provides transfers from Hanoi and around Mai Chau.


Mai Chau Town, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province, Viet Nam

Tel: 1800 599 955 - E-mail: info