In this post lặng back with another Korean product review. This time is Missha The Original Tension Pact Tone Up Glow, a super handy cushion TENSION pact from Q-Depotan online cửa hàng for Korean cosmetics. It has three versions: tone up glow, natural cover, & intense moisture. Check more HERE

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Wait, what? Tension? What is the difference with cushion? So let"s see the sản phẩm first. Tension pact has liquid foundation inside a soft surface, whenever we press down the surface with hands or puff, the liquid will come up. It has no much differences with cushion except the surface và I feel that tension has more liquid rather than the cushion.


So basically the surface looks lượt thích this. Its so much easier to press the liquid up than the cushion. More handy và less messy.

The coverage is medium, I love it, Korean hàng hóa always suit my skin very well. First it would be like "white" and then blended with my skin khổng lồ create a good match color. It covers my màu sắc imperfections, and hydrates my skin! Not forget to mention the finish look, its dewy và glowing~
The oil control is really good. I have dry skin, and it didn"t make me dry nor oily in the over of the day. I read review about this product too & people said it has a good oil control. Never doubted MISSHA cosmetics, they"re always nice to lớn me!

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It has SPF30++ too, so you got all in one package. Personally I really love the packaging, it"s so girly but mature, not lượt thích princessy! I am a grown up lady LOL. I can put this in my small bag và whenever I need I can cảm biến up my makeup.

My full face using the Missha Original Tension Pact. You can get it from Q-Depot, a trusted online cửa hàng for Korean cosmetics, and shipping worldwide :DDon"t forget to lớn enter the code SWSOFF so you can get 5% OFF discount!

♥ You can use brush or sponge lớn apply the makeup, because the liquid is easy khổng lồ press (different with cushion, there is no liquid left)
What I Dislike:
* First the màu sắc was trắng on my skin, thank God it blended well after some minutes XD
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