I’m a huge fan of vitamin C serums since they bởi vì so many great things for your skin. Research proves that vi-ta-min C helps build collagen, fade dark spots, & give your skin a healthy glow. These aren’t just kinh doanh claims, the data backs it up!

Who wouldn’t love one product that does the job of 3? I know I’m always rushed for time in the morning, & I’m willing khổng lồ bet you are too. I love products that save me time, but I also love ingredients I trust, and Vitamin C is definitely one of my favorites!As a bonus, some of the best vitamin C serums can be really inexpensive. Today I’m going lớn take an in-depth look at one of those bargains. It’s a new serum from Timeless Skincare – The 10% vitamin C+E Ferulic Acid Serum. 

Note: This post may contain tiếp thị liên kết links. That means if you click và buy, I may make a commission at no cost khổng lồ you. Please see my full disclosure policy for more details. Please lưu ý Timeless did not sponsor this post. I bought the Timeless vitamin C+E Ferulic Serum with my own money.

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Lastly, you want to pay attention lớn the percentage of ascorbic acid in the product. Some brands don’t disclose the percentage of vitamin C in the product và that’s a dealbreaker for me! I’m not going khổng lồ spend my money unless I know the percentage of active ingredients that I’m getting. There’s no one right percentage of vi-ta-min C for everyone. I find 15% & 20% formulas too strong for my sensitive skin. They tend lớn make my skin red, sometimes for several hours. That’s why I was excited lớn see this new 10% formula!Bonus Tip: Find out how to lớn combine vitamin C & Glycolic Acid for amazing results!

If you’re interested in other types of vitamin C, take a look are my review of various serums here.

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How to lớn use vitamin C

Vitamin C provides amazing antioxidant protection from the sun’s UV rays so I recommend you use it in the morning. I like to use retinoids at night since they degrade in sunlight. Retinoids are also drying & using them at night allows me to lớn slather a heavy moisturizer on top. Vitamin C should be used on freshly washed skin, so you want to make sure it’s the first step in your skincare routine. Moisturizers và sunscreens should be used AFTER your vitamin C.

Alright, I feel like we’ve already covered a lot about vi-ta-min C so it’s time khổng lồ get down to the actual review!

My nhận xét of Timeless 10% vi-ta-min C+E Ferulic Acid Serum

This serum is very light, with a watery consistency. When I first started using the hàng hóa it was crystal clear, which is exactly what you want with a vitamin C serum. As it oxidizes, it will turn yellow & then orange. Ideally, you’ll never see your serum turn yellow because you’ll use it up before this happens.I apply two to lớn three pumps for my entire face và 4 to 5 pumps if I’m including my neck. & I highly recommend you vì include your neck and even your chest if you have sunspots. This goes for retinoids and sunscreen too. It’s quick khổng lồ do & will keep you from having saggy skin and sun spots on your neck.

There is no fragrance included so the only scent is the natural ingredients. And unfortunately, one of those ingredients doesn’t smell so great.