Latest version of windows 7 64bit with all September 2021 updates containing Home Premium, Pro , Ultimate and Enterprise variants.

Windows 7 64bit September 2021 Update : This iso files has all September 2021 updates available till date. Also additional features like .NET Framework 4.8 and All Important & Security Updates are pre-installed till September 2021.

Đang xem: Download windows 7 iso legally

While installing this you will not face any problem of GPT or MBR partition error. (just while making it bootable from rufus (provided in the archive) , choose your target file system as MBR or GPT).


This Windows 7 64bit (11in 1) iso September 2021 include:

Windows 7 Home Premium – Standard / DAZ / OEM versionsWindows 7 Professional – Standard / DAZ / OEM versionsWindows 7 Ultimate – Standard / DAZ / OEM versionsWindows 7 Enterprise – STD / KMS

KMS means Activated by KMS DAZ means Activated by DAZ (recommended) OEM means it will be activated by original manufacturer license of device. STD means Standard version, non activated.

You can also download 32 bit version from here: Windows 7 32bit (September 2021) <11 in 1> Preactivated

This is Preactivated Windows 7 64 bit iso having Languages ENGLISH Language. It is preactivated so you don’t have to do anything, just install DAZ version normally and it will activate itself permanently.

Also you can update future updates of windows normally.


Download Windows 7 (11 in 1) (en-US) (x64) iso file + Rufus + Activator (3.15 GB) from here. (file name : Win7.2021.09×64.(

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#Remember : If password is asked anywhere in downloading or opening. Simply enter pktruyenky.vnYou will get these files :Windows7.X64.ENU.SEP2021.( (ISO file)rufus-3.15 (Make Bootable).exe (For making bootable USB disk.)Ask Me( (Instruction file.)

To make Bootable

Run “rufus-3.15 (Make Bootable).exe” .In Device section, choose your USB drive.Click